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March 19th, 2020

The world around us appears to be in constant flux and changing beyond recognition. Thank God we know the one who is stable and uses circumstances to open people’s hearts to the good news found in his Son.

Practically our face to face missions have been cancelled for the next few weeks. There is also a lot of uncertainty around Crossfya outreach events over the coming months. We are implementing working from home as a team from this week.

Over the last few years we have felt increasingly called to create online content to reach people on social media. We have always said this is the new marketplace where we can reach hundreds of thousands who are unreached by traditional mission. Over the last year we have seen tens of thousands impacted by our videos and content. We receive weekly feedback that our content is reaching family and friends who are closed to any other Christian content.

We believe that God has positioned us as a ministry for such a time as this. We as Christians need to seize the opportunity to be bold and proclaim Jesus as the one true hope, and the cure for the global infection of sin.
We have just finished editing our brand new ‘What is a Christian video’ which we are praying will reach many thousands of people.

Please watch and then share the video below as widely as you can. Together let’s believe that God can use the current circumstances to reap a mighty harvest in our nation.

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